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Hand and foot care Nice

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The Nice&Spa institute in Nice offers complete treatments for hands and feet.

Specialist in manicure and pedicure

Nice&Spa offers complete care for hands and feet.

Our institute offers treatments dedicated to the beauty of hands and feet. You can rely on the know-how of our beauticians. These professionals perform

  • A classic manicure (file the nails, soak the nails in a special lotion, push back the cuticles, cut the dead skin and rehydrate the hands).
  • A hand beauty which, in addition to the classic manicure, includes a scrub and a relaxing and nourishing massage to pamper your hands.
  • A foot beauty to soften your heels and relax your feet. With a nail filing and sanding, a foot bubble bath, rubbing rough heels, pushing back and trimming cuticles and finishing with a relaxing and nourishing massage.

Don't wait any longer to make an appointment in our beauty salon. We welcome clients from all over the world: Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Menton...

Let us take care of your hands and feet


Hand and foot care Nice
Our services
  • Traditional Hammam
  • Lava stone sauna
  • Relaxing massage & body care
  • Facial treatments
  • Hands and feet beauty
  • Hair removal
Our strengths
  • Know-how
  • Conviviality
  • Pleasant setting

Our beauty institute is located in Nice.

A pleasant setting and competitive prices

Choose our institute for a manicure and pedicure session. The treatments are carried out with meticulous care. This is your guarantee of a satisfactory result.

Friendliness is also one of our assets. During the sessions, our beauticians share with you the best tips for taking care of your hands, feet and body. Finally, all our services are offered at attractive prices. Moreover, you will have the choice between several formulas.

Our beauticians will give you some beauty tips


Manicure and pedicure Nice

Our prices

Hand and foot care

Hands (manicure, exfoliation, massage) €30

Foot beauty (Pedicure, exfoliation, massage) €40

Pavalline hand beauty treatment €45

Simple manicure €15

Classic nail polish €10

Classic varnish removal €5

Semi-permanent Hands €30
Feet €35

Semi-permanent removal (€10 if semi-permanent) €15


Hand and foot care nice

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Our establishment is entirely dedicated to beauty and well-being. Push open our doors to enjoy a moment of relaxation.


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